AquaCure technologies gives the body energy to heal itself.


Hydrate for Health

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and safe HydrOxy electrolyzer, pioneered by George Wiseman. After extensive testing on plants, animals, birds and fish, Wiseman designed an electrolyzer that could be safely used on humans, and had the ability to heal a vast array of ailments. The first experimental ‘for health’ electrolyzer has been available since 2007, and the upgraded Health Optimized AquaCure has been on the market since July of 2017. Since then, thousands of electrolyzers have been sold worldwide.

Don’t let the process of aging slow you down! HydrOxy has properties that protect the health of the cells in your body, making them live longer and stay healthier, allowing you to keep doing all the things you love.


How it works

When HydrOxy is bubbled into water, the water is enhanced by added hydrogen (H2), oxygen (O2) and a highly energetic, electrically expanded form of water, called Electrically Expanded Water (ExW)… Making water a healing elixir. 
Plus you can inhale the HydrOxy directly which gives you much more hydrogen and ExW than you can possibly get by drinking.

Why it works

Hydrogen is a calorie free super FOOD. You normally get hydrogen from your food. ExW is a negatively charged plasma form of water that provides bio-available electrons that the body needs to heal. Most people are hydrogen deficient. HydrOxy supplementation gives your body the nutrition and energy it needs to re-activate immune and regeneration systems the body shut down to preserve life when hydrogen deficient.

See it work

Numerous studies have been conducted to show how HydrOxy has treated everything from chronic pain, to metabolic syndrome, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Plants Don't Lie

Brown’s Gas (HydrOxy, HHO) for Health