AquaCure AC50
Hydrogen Therapy for Covid-19

Molecular hydrogen treatment has the potential to become a new adjuvant therapy for COVID-19

In his video, LeBaron reviews the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and explains why H2 is being clinically investigated by discussing the proposed mechanisms of how molecular hydrogen might ameliorate this particular disease.

“The therapeutic effects of H2-O2 became significant as early as days 2 and 3 and the amelioration of most respiratory symptoms persisted till the end-of-treatment, which again cannot be readily interpreted by miscellaneous supportive therapies including oxygen therapy.”

Hydrogen gas produced by the AquaCure AC50 may also play a role in Covid-19 prevention. There are countless studies that prove H2 can boost your immune system and reduce oxidative stress in the body.

“The use of hydrogen might reduce the destructive cytokine storm and lung injury caused by SARS-CoV-2 during COVID-19” 

Given the theory that molecular hydrogen can significantly down-regulate expressions of inflammation-related genes and selectively reduce hydroxyl radical, there are reasons to believe that cytokine storm and oxidative stress can be suppressed by hydrogen when getting infected with Covid-19.

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