Relieve arthritis pain

“I have arthritis as well, runs in the family. I play bluegrass guitar leads and banjo as well. I was slowing down, I figured I was getting older, I was about 52 at the time, I got a (purified) water machine, bubbled the hho (Brown’s Gas) gas in my drinking jug, My arthritis went away!! I can pick a 100 miles an hour like when I was 18. No joke! I believe the drinking water did it!”
~ PTL! abbaty 2

Grow like crazy

“As George has told us HHO makes plants grow like crazy. My wife is a master gardener and is usually chomping at the bit during the winter months waiting to start her Spring garden. Last Fall she decided to try micro greens for winter nutrition. When we got our machine last month she started using it on a variety seeds with great results.”
~ K Johnson 

Another case study, my wonderful puppy PomPom.

“She got stung by some creature that sent her into anaphylactic shock at 9 months of age.
She nearly died, spent 3 days at the puppy hospital, and it was a great toll on her young body.
She spent the next months in a listless, very little energy, not at all like a young puppy.
The difference was obvious and very depressing to watch her not all like herself.
I started from day one giving her small amounts of HHO water, and now she is changed.
Her energy level is astounding, her coat is shiny and growing, her eyes are clear.
She is a new puppy, like as if she was never sick, and she has made us so happy.
The HHO treatment is a universal health therapy for Man, Beasts, and Plants also.
The only fear I have, and it is a big one, I fear the big pharma will buy up all the companies making HHO machines!
I fear they will try to eliminate HHO therapy to keep humanity sick and in debt to them.
I hope this is readable and plain spoken. If any section needs clarifying, let me know, I will rewrite it.
Thanks so much,
Your supporter in Florida,”
~ Joe Cuellar

Edge in sports

“You recently told me that Browns Gas would give me an edge in sports. In 2 weeks I have gotten up to 2-3 hours of inhalation and 2 quarts of BG water per day. Several days ago I noticed a sense of wellness and strength that seemed quite pronounced. I played in a pickle ball tournament this past Friday Saturday and Sunday and won two Silver medals (I’m the guy in the Carbon60 T-shirt). I even played on Monday which makes four days in a row of strenuous exercise and I feel great. I turn 73 in two weeks….can’t wait to see what the future holds!”
~ Rich Jordan 

My testimonial on the Aquacure hydrogen therapy

“At first for about a week, I felt very energized.
It was a tonic, it was very powerful, my body felt 30 years younger.
After a week, that stage passed, the next stage was deeper, more reconstructive.
The therapy now was very internal, the organs were getting healing energy.
My lungs were getting a deep cleaning, like being scrubbed clean, I can’t describe it.
My breathing was better than I can ever remember.
The HHO gas cleaned out my sinus cavities in a couple of hours of inhaling.
Deep breathing became effortless, I guess it is now “as smooth as silk”.
That alone as worth the price of the AquaCure, but there is more.
My heart, which did not have any problem, seemed to be pumping more smoothly. I can feel the difference in a subtle, intuitive kind of way, it pumps like a new heart. I imagine the heart valves have been “rebuilt”.
Actually all the organs feel like they have been refreshed and strengthened.
Digestion, elimination, absorption, all feel better.

Now the brain/mind effect: it too has been cleansed and purged of blockages to my thinking. It has been liberating to feel my brain/mind getting refreshed, freed of many old thoughts. I can sense that my thinking is a new process, less doubt and more action. I once heard a talk on the brain’s structure, there are over 100 “organs” in the brain. These brain organs now feel like they are working together, giving me a clearer outlook on life. I smile a lot now, and I communicate more easily with people. Way cool.

The muscles and tendons feel refreshed, like I feel muscles and joints that I have not felt in years, decades. They are coming back to life, with flexibility and growing stronger. I walk faster and enjoy it, before it was a chore to walk, now it is a pleasure. I will be joining a gym, want to get a muscular, toned body. That is now possible, before my AquaCure, I was looking to a life of constant breakdown of bodily health.

So, I ordered my AC 160 December 2nd, 2019, received it 8 days later.
Today is Jan 3rd, 2020, 26 days later, and it has been the biggest boon to my health, remarkable, unbelievable. I also lost 10 pounds without even trying. In fact, the AC 160 refreshed my taste buds, food, any food, tastes so delicious, I ate more food than normal. I still lost weight, I was eating more and enjoying it more. How cool is that?

I now feel that some of the internal body work is being completed, I feel like I am getting a brand new body. It took a toll on me for the past 12 days, but the reward is youth and vigor. I am 68 years old.”

Sciatica seems to be gone

“I have had problems with squashed discs that press on my sciatic nerve for over 20 years. I have been breathing your machine for a few months.  
Recently I had a flare up with that nerve and spent 3 days laid up. Until I remember that I have this machine that I bought for this reason(funny how we go right back to what we are used to). Anyways I started using the spot applicator in the kit directly on my back and side. After just one day with 3 treatments of 10 minutes the next day I could walk fine again. I continued treatments for that second day and all the pain seems to be gone. IMEAN REALLY GONE! It seems crazy but I don’t even have that underlying feeling of it tight or even think it could even come back. That has been for more than 1 month now. The other day I spent 6 hours installing insulation and I was the ladder guy. In the past if I did ladder work it would tighten me right up in my hips and activate that nerve. It is a freeing feeling not having to worry about every little move you make. 
I am a 42 year old believer and will continue to breath and drink from this machine for the rest of my life. A better life.
Thank you so much.”

Decreased need for sleep / food

“I haven’t been using a hydrogen machine as much as I’d like but have noticed super decreased need for sleep/food. Was able to go off Lexapro with no return of anxiety.”
~ Ana  

Pain reduction

“Last night, Ken used the gas inhalation quite a bit through the night. His pain level is way down today and we are thinking that along with the BG it may also be because (after several months) he finally was able to go back to his lymphatic bounce on his cellerciser (rebounder) last night and this morning. We know that also helps to move the toxins and give better oxygen uptake. He noticed that the bubbles were very low again, so he used all of the contents of the humidifier and added them to the AquaCure using the syringe and refilled the humidifier with distilled water. It worked like a charm and Ken thought that perhaps along with watching the meter, watching for the weaker bubbles would be a good way to know when to add the contents to the AquaCure and refresh the distilled water.”
~ Donna Janney  

All good things

“I am writing about this as I would like this machine to serve us for a long time. We have noticed already some positive changes in our wellbeing which can hardly be attributed to anything else:
1. My wife started to sleep much, much better. That happened after about 6 weeks of using
2. She also notices smoother skin on her arms. Typically during the winter months, predominantly, she feels her skin being more like a thin paper
3. We also do not need to use a humidifier. When winter comes the first thing she needs to start is adding moisture to the air even if it reads 55%. Now we have 35% and still she doesn’t feel the need for humidifier
4. It appears that hydrogenated water can be ingested in larger quantities without need to go to the washroom. It seems to be more readily retained in the body.
So all are good things.”
~ Waldemar and Bozena  


“So far just testing the machine for ten minutes has reduced sciatica pain in my hip. Wife and I are starting a log book for the unit and she is going to participate, watching all your videos together helped to convince both of us to agree to work together on this. Our hearts go out to you. Sincerely,”
~ Kevin Shelton

The good news

“HHO on plants 2+ x growth is confirmed
HHO on fish 2+ time growth speed on control fishes, advantage they have kept now 11/2 yrs later.
Tumour! I have had all the symptoms of a reactivated lung tumour I suffered from about 22 years ago, after a drastic exposure to black moulds (they also induced nasty heart problems) After ten weeks of mild to grave coughing, from watery to thickening and eventually bloody liquids/mucus from the lungs, I finally started to breath HHO (3 x 20min/day) and drink the bubbled water therefrom, everything calmed down almost immediately, and after a few day, I felt back to normal.
A popliteal bursitis on the knee lasted days instead of weeks. I simply gassed the knee and drank the water..
I now really need an extra machine for my aging Mum (80)..”
~ Matias Pace

 Feeling great

My wife and I have completed our first 10 days and feel really great! We are each already up to 2-3 hours of breathing BG per day.”
~ Richard Jordan

Brown’s gas healing

“I’ve got another update for you since my email last week about my elbow being almost completely healed after breathing the brown’s gas for only about two weeks (and that not even everyday). My elbow is pretty much back to 100% since I wrote last week even though I’ve used it more intensely at work. It’s been 6 months since I’ve had full use of it!

Also, yesterday I went to get a massage from a massage therapist whom I see about every two months. Every time except for once that I’ve gone to see her in the past year-and-a-half, I’ve had something aching on my body (usually shoulders, neck, and/or knees). Most of the cause was due to the repetitive physical exertion from my job as a truck driver. When I walked in yesterday she asked me, “So what hurts today?” I told her that nothing hurt and I also told her about how I’ve been breathing the brown’s gas for a few weeks now and how my elbow got so much better. As she worked on me she was amazed to see how much more flexible I am now and that much of the tension that is typically in my neck and shoulders was almost non-existent yesterday. I told her I haven’t changed anything else I’m doing other than breathing the brown’s gas.

I know it’s not as attention-getting as some of the other testimonials, but it’s a big deal to me. Having my elbow healed means feeling better but also it’s job-security and that is very important with a wife and two teenage boys!
~ Gerald Henson


“One of the things I notice is that I feel deep in my core that I am whole and can heal. I feel like I can take deep breaths with my lungs in a very healing way. I have body work done monthly and he noticed that I have improved. Also, I am drinking more water as I like the taste and the water feels lighter and energized.”
~ Sally Schwader